Black Hollow - Game  

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After an ice meteor hit earth it became completely flooded. The last remaining humans are living under water. You're playing a survivor in a small tourist sub.

Main gameplay elements so far are:

Searching huge sunken areas for artifacts, devices, oil, batteries, datapads and crafting materials from before the flood.
Derusting otherwise unusable items
Branching, choice driven dialogues with other survivors
Crafting new equipment
Hunting animals for food
Moving rocks with your sub to free cave/house entrances
Grid based map mode where you find new resources and locations


So far only Windows is planned ( DX11+ )
Since the game is based on Unity it should be easily portable to Playstation, Xbox Platforms but as an Indie Dev ( 1 Person ) I lack the resources to test there. Consoles will be depending on PC success or publisher interest.


English and German
Both with full voiceovers for all Characters.
More languages possible later.


Explore a wide variety of locations including: sunken underwater cities, tankers, caves, military bases, power plants and many more.


Survive underwater by hunting fish, finding power cellls and repairing your submarine.


Craft new weapons and enhance your subs abilities. Find new blueprints and create them after derusting and combining materials.


Navigate the whole US East Coast to find new resources and locations. Fill your water supply but beware of acid rain!